Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let your old car put more green in your 2014 tax return. Donate your car to the NKF. It’s tax deductible, and it does not even have to run!


Let your old car put more green in your 2014 tax return. Donate your car to the NKF. It's tax deductible and it does not even have to run!

Your old car may be a bucket of rust to you, but it can be a real lucky charm for millions of kidney patients. Donate today http://www.kidneycars.org or call 800.488.CARS (2277)

Tax Time Already? Write off more in 2014!

Donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation and get more in your check www.kidneycars.org

Donate your car to the National Kidney Foundation and get more in your check http://www.kidneycars.org

If you ended up owing Uncle Sam in 2013, now is the perfect time to make a charitable donation for 2014. If you have an old truck, car, van, motorcycle, boat–basically anything with four wheels–donate it to the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Cars program.

The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Cars program has been the most trusted car donation program for more than 30 years. Each year, proceeds from donated vehicles pump millions of dollars into our life-saving services for kidney patients and those at risk.

Still need more reasons to donate? Here are a few…

  • EASE: The NKF’s car donation process is easy. You can donate online, or call 800.488.2277 and talk with one of our car donation experts. You can speak with someone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday EST. or online http://www.KidneyCars.org
  • EXPERTISE: Our car donations experts help hundreds of donors every day with title problems. They even help with tax issues or any other problem you might have including replacing lost titles.
  • EXPEDIENCE: Most vehicles can be picked up within 24 hours of making your call. In two weeks you will receive a proof of donation letter for your tax purposes.
  • EXPERIENCE: We were the very first charity to accept donated cars as charitable donations, and have been for more than 30 years.
  • ENJOYMENT: You will enjoy knowing that your donation helped people in your state with kidney disease and their families.

Kidney Cars named among ‘Most Popular Car Donation Charities that Will Maximize Your Tax Deduction’


Article from CarsDirect.com

In a recent article from CarsDirect.com, the National Kidney Foundation was named as one of three popular charities that will maximize your tax deduction–and we do!

Donated cars are sold at auction to car dealers, and the proceeds are used to support the National Kidney Foundation’s awareness, prevention and treatment programs.

The auctions take place online, making it possible for anyone anywhere to view the car being auctioned. Potential buyers can see the car ahead of time, and view photos of the car’s interior and exterior, and get a sense of its overall condition.

This increased visibility creates greater competition for donated cars, which means higher sales per vehicle. Unlike the auctions Kidney Cars go through, that may be small and local, other charity car donors may only a few people attend the auction. More bidders, more to write off!

When you make your car a Kidney Car, you help people like Karen & Valerie

Valerie & Karen

People who donate their cars to the National Kidney Foundation help make a real difference in the lives of kidney patients and their families. Nearly 80% of all the proceeds from donated vehicles go directly to the National Kidney Foundation’s programs.

Meet Valerie and Karen, two people whose lives have been touched by donated cars. They have been best friends for nearly four decades. You can hear the gratitude in Valerie’s voice when she describes the way Karen changed her life forever bu donating her kidney. Hear their story by clicking on the image below.

Help us continue to make a difference for millions of Americans with kidney disease. Tell someone you know about Kidney Cars.  The December 31 charitable-giving deadline will be here before you know it. Donated vehicles are tax deductible and towing is free, click here for more information.

Actress Katey Sagal on why you should make your used car a Kidney Car!


Actress Katey Sagal is a TV legend. Her career has spans decades and now she is Gema, the tough talking Mama, on Sons of Anarchy, FX’s runaway hit.

We are honored to have her show her support for the National Kidney Foundation’s Car Donation Program, Kidney Cars.

We hope you will donate your car, truck, van, or motorcycle by Dec. 31, the 2013 tax deadline online at http://www.KidneyCars.org

The VW Bus is Dead… Long Live the VW Bus! Guest post by Rick DeBruhl


The VW Bus is Dead… Long Live the VW Bus! Guest post by Rick DeBruhl

Long before minivans were the mainstay of American soccer moms, before the Ford Econoline or Corvan (the Corvair Van) came along, the Volkswagen bus was the ultimate form of transportation for families that wanted something more than a station wagon.

Volkswagen Transporter 1st generation

The Volkswagen Transporter Had the Same Basic Styling for Years

And now more than 60 years after VW’s answer to family and commercial transportation first hit the highway, it’s run is finally coming to an end. Somewhere down in Brazil, VW is about to build its last Volkswagen bus.

But wait, you say, VW still sells vans all over the world. True, but they’re not the classic bus. It has somehow survived in South America. But now, even Brazilian safety laws have caught up to the transporter that changed the world.
Legend has it that the VW transporter design came from a Dutch importer. Back in the late 40s, he saw a butchered VW that was used to haul stuff and was inspired to sketch out the basic design for a new vehicle. Eventually VW’s head designer, Heinz Nordhoff picked up the cause. The company gave the go-ahead in 1949 and the first VW transporters were 1950 models.They were never supposed to be fast, or powerful. In fact, the original engine had just 25 horsepower. It was merely designed to transport people and stuff slowly but effectively and it worked just great. In fact, it worked so well, that VW came up with all kinds of variations. From panel vans to pickups, they all lived off the same basic design. There is even talk that VW’s crew cab version in 1958 was the first production pickup with big cab (long before it became the norm with pickups in the US).

The US didn’t see one until 1954. By then, power had made a massive jump to 30 hp. The styling didn’t change much through 1967. It’s distinctive split windshield was both a design feature and a big aerodynamic assist (much slipperier than the proposed flat window version).So while the Brazilian version may finally bite the dust, it’s obvious that interest in the original VW transporter is not facing anytime soon. Not bad, for something that Dutch importer sketched out seven decades ago.


CARFAX partners with the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Cars Program

Carfax has extended its support of the National Kidney Foundation by promoting the donation of used cars. For vehicles donated to the Kidney Cars program, Carfax makes the donation part of the vehicle’s history by adding a record to the Carfax Vehicle History Report. The record includes links to the National Kidney Foundation and the Kidney Cars program websites.

“This is a great way to support the efforts of the National Kidney Foundation while providing buyers and sellers with another valuable piece of information about a used car’s past,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “Kidney Cars is one of the country’s largest vehicle donation programs and we encourage people to consider donating their cars to help this important cause.”

For 30 years, Kidney Cars has accepted vehicle donations to benefit the National Kidney Foundation. More than 100 vehicles are donated to the program every day.

“We are so glad to have the support of Carfax as we work to ease the burden of kidney disease through the patient programs and prevention initiatives our donated cars help fund,” said Chad Iseman, Kidney Cars Director.

More than 26 million Americans have kidney disease.  Proceeds from donated vehicles finance the ways the National Kidney Foundation fights kidney disease, including extensive public and professional education campaigns, advocacy for patients and their families through legislative action, and supports kidney research to identify new treatments. Need a Carfax report? Donate a car!